Abdul Moneim Ibrahim Shawarby the Ace Entrepreneur from Egypt aka Amino Shawarby uses Martial Arts to attract Health and Wellness

Entrepreneur Abdul Moneim Ibrahim Shawarby, also known as “Amino Shawarby” is one amongst the most successful personal trainers from Egypt. Being in the Business of grooming the best talent from a long time, He is a Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA), Certified MMA/Kickboxing Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Expert and a Licensed Pro Boxing Coach. This Whizz Entrepreneur is a genius when it comes to his work. This is because when most of the people could not even identify their career paths, Mr. Shawarby dedicated his life to his profession and self-growth.

Entrepreneur Abdul Moneim Ibrahim Shawarby is also the founder and CEO of Tapout, Egypt which is a Gym and Physical fitness centre that aims to inspire your inner fighter through MARTIAL ARTS and GROUP FITNESS TRAINING for all levels and ages. They are absolutely loved as a fitness center throughout Egypt. When asked what is the secret behind Tapout’s success and popularity, Entrepreneur Amino Shawarby said- “This is because even after 12 years in the game, we are the fighters that never tap out. We provide Martial Arts infused fitness for all ages and levels. This idea itself is unique and it was received well by the people here. Here we provide means to Achieve all your fitness goals, improve your skills and gain conditioning skills all under one roof! Offering you a safe and friendly environment to experience true MMA.” Their services include-

  • Combat Ring
  • Ground Game Arena
  • Heavy Bags
  • Outdoor Functional Area
  • Certified Coaches
  • Ladies Only Programs
  • Juniors Programs

Tapout Fitness combines the martial arts philosophy of discipline, determination and respect, with the energy of cardio, weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). “We take a personalized approach to your fitness. When you join the Tapout Fitness community, you are not only a member, but also part of our fitness family. Helping our members achieve their fitness goals is our number one priority. Our signature classes include TAPOUT FIT (Progressive Boxing Combinations), TAPOUT STRIKE (Striking and Kickboxing Techniques), TAPOUT SWEAT (Kettlebells, Battle Ropes and Strength Equipment)” said Amino Shawarby.

Whizz entrepreneur Amino Shawarby is an absolute beast when it comes to personal training. He has transformed many clients in a short period of time and this way he has gained trust and built his reputation as the most talented personal trainer that guarantees results.

Presently Entrepreneur Abdul Moneim Ibrahim Shawarby has a huge clientele from around the globe and has a repo for delivering fast results. He is a believer of dedication and hardwork and he trains people by making use of the inner energy of determination and strong will. He believes lack of professional equipment should not be the reason for giving up our perfect body dream, hence he also focuses on body development through sports such as boxing and kickboxing. He has more than 18k followers on his Instagram where he actively posts memories from his professional as well as personal life.

Specializing in Functional training, fat loss and muscle gain, Entrepreneur Abdul Moneim Ibrahim Shawarby believes that Sports is a very good way to improve people’s physical and mental state. That is why he focuses on optimal attendance in his sessions. His clients share that he makes training sessions enjoyable and unusual, with new, dynamic and fun exercises as he believes that training should not be an obligation but an enjoyment.

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