Arjun Vellal, on his journey towards coaching people and helping them achieve their dreams

Bengaluru [India] : You have met several trainers and instructors in your life, but we bet you must not have met someone like Arjun Vellal. Yes, a well-known figure who has been inspiring individuals to achieve great heights by his motivational speeches and lectures. He is recognized as one of the best training officers in the industry. Arjun is an award-winning personality whose skills are known by several companies. He is also honored with several recognitions from different sectors.  

He is a coach, trainer, and leadership expert. With great leadership qualities and excellent skills, he is doing a great job to motivate other individuals to achieve their goals and objectives. This public figure is a founder and chief training officer. If you attend his training sessions, you will also fall for his personality. Inspiring hearts for years now. He has trained an overwhelming number of professionals from different industrial sectors. In the entire course of his career, over 250 companies are consulted and trained by him. The companies are all spread over India and Asia. 

Can you imagine the massive number of people whom Arjun has consulted so far? To your surprise, it is 250,000 and still counting. He has spoken to this number of individuals on different subjects, including customer servicing, sales, leadership, self-esteem, business strategies, success, psychology, and much more. 

You can understand that his knowledge is not limited to any particular sector or industry. Instead, he has knowledge and understanding of varied fields he is helping people across several domains. He has ground-breaking leadership coaching skills, and his training methodologies are regarded to be very powerful. With his aptitude, he has been influencing teams and its leaders to innovate, collaborate, and, henceforth, achieve success.  

His purpose is to encourage individuals and organizations to determine their goals effectively. He also aspires to see them evolve so that they can achieve success and affluence with greater ease.  

He owns an organization named ProaWitz, and through his organization, he has been helping organizations and other individuals begin their journey to achieve success. He believes better late than never, and that anytime is a good time to start. With a dedication to your heart and adequate support, one can achieve anything that the person has ever dreamt of. It is just that you should bever lose hope or lose patience.  

He loves assisting and supporting others, and with his passion, he, along with his organization, is helping to determine and achieve their goals. His organization is today recognized as one of the experiential leadership and outbound training organizations. You can contact this figure if you are facing any issues or leadership challenges. He is always there to help people with their needs.  

Their meetings are all-natural, and the leadership lessons provided takes place while they walk or talk. They consider walking to be one of the most effective ways of moving forward. They have strategic learning innovation plans with which their organization is helping others. Their team is full of leading experts who have adequate skills required to outperform in the industry.  

Their respectable work has made them travel so far in their achievement process and have won several awards. They are efficiently providing thought-provoking sessions with which several individuals can now do whatever they aspire to. ProaWitz is successfully helping people evolve, experiment, and enquire.  

Business Mint was among a few companies that came across and witnessed their commendable work. It has also honored Arjun Vellal with the title of Outstanding Leadership Trainer- 2020, Bangalore. He is doing a great job in the industry and is also helping many people achieve their dreams with his skills. His mentoring has helped people evolve, and they are motivated to achieve something great in their lives.  

The award ceremony filled his heart with immense pleasure, and he was highly obliged when Business Mint came forward to acknowledge his efforts. A huge crowd witnessed his felicitation ceremony and came to know about his work. It is because of such great personalities that people of our society can compete against others. They need the right direction and moral support. Figures like Arjun are helping them achieve their dreams. He is successfully teaching people about what it takes to be a great performer.  

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