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Bringing revolution in the railways : Vishal Dilip Bhujbal

Pune, Maharashtra [India]: Vishal Dilip Bhujbal, a social activist from Narayangaon located in Junnar, Pune Maharashtra. He is the man famous for bringing a revolution in the railways. His story began from the time when certain issues arised from Chakradharpur, which is one of the busiest routes in Jharkhand, by the commuters. The major section of the South Eastern Railway had a lot of complicated problems that desperately required a proper solution.

Vishal Dilip Bhujbal showed the way by raising funds to initiate and accomplish the concerned railway projects for its betterment. Staying at the frontline, Vishal became the voice of many passengers, by addressing the issues they had been facing. Vishal voluntarily participated in various meetings with the senior officials and railway members for developing relevant policies.

Moreover, Vishal also shared his ideas, views and perspective based on his personal experience on the new railway projects and made a point to resolve their conflicts as soon as possible.

After being indulged in various social reformations for many years, Vishal Dilip Bhujbal was designated to be part of the committee due to which he was able to increase his reach and carry out proposed works with verification with the help of various non-government organisations (NGOs).

Adding further to the list of his achievements, this social activist was also honoured as the National Youth Icon 2020 at Delhi by the Minister in the Central Government, Shree. Sanjay Shamrao for his miraculous work.

Determined to carry forward his revolutionary work in railways and addressing the issues of the commuters further also, Vishal has assured that the railway station would be passenger-friendly in the upcoming future. Moreover, he would also ensure that every railway station gets equipped with green energy.

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