Harpreet Suri – India’s Covid Mom Warrior

Harpreet Suri, AKA, Mom Wears Prada- India’s #1 Mom Influencer, has been a beacon of light during this entire pandemic and has been actively working as a COVID Mom Warrior to spread smiles and positivity in these trying times. One of the many initiatives undertaken by Harpreet during the pandemic includes an online workshop that she conducted with 300 kids across the continent. These kids made cards and sent them to Frontliners in appreciation of their hard work and dedication. The aim of the workshop was to sensitise these kids about the sacrifices made by our real superheroes- our front liners- during the pandemic. This entire workshop was then summarised in the form of a video which Harpreet posted on her @momwearsprada Instagram handle. In fact, Harpreet was featured by HT City and Viral Bhayani for this initiative.

Harpreet is also working on another camp for mommies and kids to help them bond. The activities which are part of this camp include yoga, art therapy and dancing. Additionally, she is currently working on a similar bonding activity between grandparents and grandchildren to spread smiles during these trying times.

Harpreet Suri - India’s Covid Mom Warrior

Harpreet also understands that due to the lack of social interaction and physical schools, children who are between 3 and 5 years of age are missing out on their primary years of learning. Keeping this in mind, Harpreet is working on a nursery book for children who have not been to school due to the pandemic, thereby make it easier for mothers to educate their children.

She has also sent pampering-cum-care packages to some 800 mothers across the country till now and plans to continue the same till the pandemic is over to keep their spirits high during the pandemic. No wonder she is called the True Covid Warrior Mom. 

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