Learn the unknown Creative Skills from Harshada

‘Believe it or not, we are all artists in an embryo!

Sometimes, amid chaos, healing, or disruptive events, the waters of a comfort break, and the artist comes to life.’

In a nutshell, it is a common story of every extraordinary artist, and Harshada is no exception to the linings.

Harshada does a plethora of ethnographic research to turn her writings into insightful and informative pieces. She observes their behavior, reactions and also interacts with people in their natural environment to understand their internal responses and emotions. Further, she interprets their stories without biases and scripts them down on paper in an empathetic tone.

The motive: To create an environment of empathy, trust, and understanding

She loves to bask in the moonlight and live life as a full-time artist practicing her meditations as a writer. Though she has taken the slow-paced path to achieve her limelight, we cannot undermine her professional standing as an author. Just as there are many simple ways to live a contented life, she realized that there are many different mediums to be an independent artist.

It is inspiring to see how she steps away from her routines and enters her creative zone in the dimming daylight. Her passion transforms into a vision, and without what an organic eye can see, she turns into a cosmic flow brimming with endless emotions.

Diving deep as an author, she understood the magnitude of her role and started exploring words, books, art, design, emotions, interactions, social presence and even, digitalization.

On the surface, everything looks glamorous but the beginning was not easy. Living in a middle-class ecosystem, Harshada had to invert the standard rules and unmoor herself from conformist behavior. This was her calling to be free and challenge the status quo.

Harshada started following her muse. Without any authorized support, she expedited into the creative abyssal not bothered to look outside the window. She knew the journey was internal – in her mind, senses, and soul. Lots had to be sacrificed in the artistic process – no fun, no binges, no squandering, no holiday, and no predictive outcome. But she continued to shuttle from one level to another, sometimes back to square one with her only soulmate – confidence.

Artists are blessed with enthusiasm wane that keeps them going on and on. Writing is a metaphysical voyage of perpetual searching and infinite discoveries. For Harshada, it is a way of life, seeing a view of a known and unknown world. She dwells between both the world; eventually, becoming the bridge herself. With endless burrowing, digging deeper and deeper, she is certain that the illusional goal cannot be achieved. For an artist, each fragment is a work, created in an intimate atmosphere, with utmost chaos and passion, much complete as the whole.

Harshada has changed the perspective of many, inspiring them to leap as full-time artists. Her journey as a writer is now progressing as a Content Consultant, and Brand Strategist.

A powerful force from millions of years lies coiled inside you. This force can neither be wiped nor destroyed but only wielded to evolve and grow as an artist.

Harvest the creative force!

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