Major Taiwanese Technology Firms Aim to Seize a Beachhead in Indian Smart City Market

Mumbai : The Taiwan External Trade Council (TAITRA) and the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a virtual trade show on August 12th to showcase the most high-end and innovative solutions from Taiwanese technology firms to audiences from India and around the world. Known as “COMTECH INDIA X Taiwan Excellence”, the event featured the unveiling of the latest products and keynote presentations from expert analysts. It was followed by a sourcing fair where local suppliers and prospective international buyers worked together to identify partnership opportunities.

Foreign governments and businesses have been especially impressed by the performances of smart technologies developed by Taiwanese firms in dealing with the challenges created by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these domestic brands have also successfully demonstrated their products on the platform provided by Taiwan Excellence in front of international audiences. Some of the major Indian and South Asian enterprises that are now seeking collaboration with Taiwanese technology firms include Apical Impex from Mumbai, Medical Sensor India from Bangalore, and Green Technology from Nepal. To meet the demand generated by the pandemic, these clients are eagerly seeking solutions such as facial recognition systems that can identify people who wear face masks, thermal imaging systems that take people’s temperatures, and AI-based surveillance systems used in smart cities.

A smart city relies on AI, cloud computing, 5G, IoT, and other innovative technologies to deal with the myriad of challenges at the various levels of its operations. Many of the domestic brands that have joined Taiwan Excellence are widely recognized as the top-tier providers of cutting-edge technologies in this field. Examples include Advantech, MOXA, LILIN, Synology, Avision, and Bintronic. Advantech’s embedded IoT solutions are adopted in many smart applications. While its products mainly target transportation, they can also be deployed in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. In the case of MOXA, its smart transportation solutions enable the collection of real-time traffic information from roads and bridges.

Smart video surveillance is another critical part of a smart city’s infrastructure. LILIN specializes in AI-based surveillance systems utilized by municipal authorities, while Synology offers technologies that support home security and monitoring of data centers. As for IoT solution providers Avision and Bintronic, the former is a leading expert in control systems for smart offices, whereas the latter is adept at developing similar products for smart homes.

Technology providers that attended the virtual trade show to present their latest solutions for India’s smart cities have all expressed their appreciation to the Foreign Trade Bureau and TAITRA for arranging this event. Ongoing efforts from these agencies have significantly boosted the presence of Taiwanese companies in India and further strengthened the relationship between India and Taiwan. More importantly, the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the creation of an online venue for domestic suppliers to establish ties with prospective clients from around the world. Hence, COMTECH INDIA X Taiwan Excellence serves to provide immediate assistance to both buyers and sellers.

Since “customization” and “cost savings” are two major driving forces in the Indian market, Taiwanese companies that want to participate in smart city projects there are advised to exercise great patience during the early phase of involvement in order to achieve long-term gains. The tremendous enthusiasm shown by attendees of this event is a reflection of the latest trends and booming demand in both the ICT and smart city markets. All in all, the resounding success of COMTECH INDIA X Taiwan Excellence is expected to be a powerful guiding example for Taiwanese companies that are interested in engaging the Indian market.

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