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Meet Dr Arjun Reddy, a Sports Nutritionist and a Lifestyle Coach who’s making the internet sweat with his online Regime!

At one point nutritionists were only required as specialists for people who were hospitalized due to an ailment or for surgery. As such, they were looked on as specialists. Then, celebrities started endorsing them to fuel their needs to create hot bodies to scorch the silver screen.

Now, with the amount of information available online to the masses, countless nutritionists have popped up on various digital platforms and it seems like everyone either needs to consult or pay heed to their advice. All the nutrition information swirling on the Internet can make your head spin. One so-called expert may claim one food is bad, while the next claims the same food is a nutritional powerhouse. There are many self-proclaimed “nutritionists” who have pretty loud voices online, but there are only a few nutritionists whose fitness programs are genuine and based on the latest science. One such renowned nutritionist is Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy Somala, also known as Dr Arjun Reddy. Let us know more about him.

Dr Arjun Reddy is a Consultant Physician, Sports Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach who uses a sustainable and practice based approach to build healthy habits into your life. He is a well-accomplished fitness Influencer and a doctor by profession who shares effective and enticing content on social media and has transformed many people’s lives by his science-backed tips and tricks.

He is also the founder of Beyond Nutrition, a wellness and healthcare program he developed for the people to help them regain fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program touches on several aspects like Nutrition Coaching, Weight Loss, Wellness, Mobility, Strength Training, Beginner’s Fitness, Sleep Issues, Stress Management & Mindset Development and many more.

“In these unprecedented times when we’re all facing different kinds of issues, one of the few things we can control is our lifestyle and health. Nutritionists are the ones that guide us into making dietary changes to meet our daily nutritional requirements.” says Dr Reddy. He adds,“When illnesses become a regular occurrence or your failed weight-loss attempts begin to wreck your life, a nutritionist or dietician is the best person to count on to help you explore the food options and lifestyle that promises to fulfil your health goals.”

The health sector has seen an absolute twist in the past few years. Also at present the aftermath of the viral outbreak is such that every single person is actively investing his time on his health and fitness. Maverick entrepreneur and wellness trainer Dr Arjun Reddy has been helping people achieve the fitness of their dreams through social media and using his digital strategies to rope in clients. Dr Reddy doesn’t teach or train confined within the four walls of a room or in the same city where one lives. He’s upgraded himself digitally and provides online training too! Dr Reddy’s personal training sessions and nutrition coaching have helped many male and female clients achieve their goals for fitness and physique/figure transformation over the years in India and online around the world. Whether you’re looking to get fit for life, lose those last few stubborn kilos, or tone up for a special occasion, Dr Arjun can make you achieve your goals. Unbelievable isn’t it? His clients are all praise for him and you can hear it from them through their testimonials.

After completing his MBBS, he served as a Chief Medical Officer for 3 years in Kerala while preparing for his post-graduation at the same time. Later on, he did his Post Graduation in DNB Family Medicine from Lourdes Hospital, Kerala. On what prompted him to be a Wellness Influencer? “While working as a doctor in a Secondary Care Hospital in Trissur, Kerala, I noticed I was putting on a lot of weight. Yes, I am a doctor and a consultant physician but still! I carried an extensive research on nutrition, balanced diet and training methods in order to physically transform myself. I used those methods and lost 22 kg in 1 year.” says Dr Reddy. Surprised by my transformation, people started seeking my advice and that is when I decided to start my own journey as an Influencer in this domain.

Due to numerous transformations, happy clients and immense popularity, Dr Arjun Reddy has amassed 43.8K followers on his Instagram profile in a short period of time. He has built a strong community and imparts valuable time and tips to his community members on a daily basis. Entrepreneur Dr Arjun Reddyis one of the most sought after wellness consultant both online and offline.

To be where entrepreneur Dr Arjun Reddy has reached, is a dream for thousands of nutritionists aka wellness doctor and he helps upcoming young enthusiasts to establish themselves too. That’s not all! With health comes a healthy lifestyle, a healthy way of living! Entrepreneur Dr Reddy, through his social media and well programs, also imparts tips on lifestyle. He addresses different problems related to personal life of his patients and provides apt solutions.

The success of Dr Reddy inspires people of all age groups to improve themselves, pull up their socks and get ready to hit their targets in life. Ace Entrepreneur Dr Reddy is a believer of strict discipline and conduct. He says, “Success in any field is directly proportional to the amount of dedication you are ready to offer for it, Do little things and do them often and consistently, success will be yours!”

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