Reza Fazeli: The Ace Toy Entrepreneur

“For dreams to come true, you gotta work for it as if there is no other choice.” Says Reza Fazeli who is Iran based entrepreneur and CEO of “Ranginkaman.balloon” which works across the country and around the globe. This whiz Entrepreneur is also the founder of Heneri Shop.

Wiz Entrepreneur Reza Fazeli is actually very inspirational for the young talents, the ones who dream and the ones who are on the verge of giving up. Reza Fazeli says- “Dreams do come true! I started my journey as a mediocre and always thought of starting my own business and today I have my own group of Companies. It’s been a wild journey, a lot of failures, a lot of success, I learned a lot throughout this journey but I never gave up even during tough times. Just want to say, never give up on your dreams, you can achieve them all, just believe in yourself.”

As a young man, he always dreamt of being a business person and even while he was working as a mediocre his dreams could not be suppressed. He finally established his own company Ranginkaman.balloon and this way he stepped into the field of Entrepreneurship.

Ranginkaman.balloon is one of a kind, exclusive toy company that caters the toy needs of the children of Iran. Founded in Ghaemshahr city, the aim of the collection is to increase creativity and happiness among the children of Iran. This extraordinary business of Reza Fazeli has been getting limelight all over the country. Reza Fazeli really went from rags to riches. Ace Entrepreneur Reza Fazeli says that- There is no limit to what extent dreams can come true. It is important to understand that dreams, just like success, always come at a cost. You gotta be willing to sacrifice your comfort zone so as to be able to achieve your goals. The more extraordinary your dream is, the more extraordinary work you gotta be able to do.

Reza Fazeli has more than 120k followers on his Instagram where he actively posts about his professional and private life. You can follow him here.

And over 760k followers on his business page which is Ranginkaman.balloon. You can follow it here.

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