‘SSC CGL Chapter Wise’ becomes No.1 Bestseller book on e-commerce platform- Amazon

‘SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise’ book has recently become the No.1 Bestseller book on the e-commerce platform Amazon. The book written by Gagan Pratap prepares students for various competitive exams. The book focuses on the quantitative analysis required to crack every exam. Along with this, many other books written by Gagan Pratap have gained the position of being bestsellers on different online platforms. Some of these bestselling books are Advance Maths Class Notes, SSC CGL Mains 24 Sets and SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise. The SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise by Gagan Pratap consists of 3000 questions along with handwritten answers intended to target the Mains exam. The book helps students prepare for the government exams and crack them without difficulty.

The YouTube channel of the author also ranks among the best individual YouTubers in the industry. Gagan Pratap’s YouTube channel named ‘Gagan Pratap Maths’ has recently hit 3 million subscribers. Gagan, through his channel, provides free lectures for aspirants preparing for SSC, Bank, and Railway exams. Hundreds of videos are added daily on the platform to help students understand the concept simply and easily. He has also become the bestselling mathematics author in the country.

Talking about his YouTube channel, Gagan Pratap said, “Our YouTube channel imparts quality education about Mathematics and teaches aspiring students to excel in life along with the competitive exams. We help students to understand one of the most challenging subjects, Arithmetics and make them not just mug up but understand the reason behind the formulas. I personally believe the approaches we follow will make the dream of many aspiring students turn into reality. I want to make India an educated and progressive nation by providing proper online coaching at a minimal rate. A good education is the right of every individual and it should be made available to every citizen.”

A minimal cost is charged on the Careerwill app to reach the impoverished masses in India and Abroad. Also, the batches are composed of small groups to give personal attention to every learner. The action-oriented learning method and mentoring program increase self-esteem and motivate the students to come out with flying colors. The bestseller book SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise is easily accessible and one can get it from Amazon on Flipkart at budget-friendly prices. The simple yet effective teaching method has gained him the crown of an inspiring mathematician and a renowned maths guru for SSC aspirants.

Gagan Pratap has inspired many students to follow their passion and achieve what they dream of and what they actually love doing. Imparting quality education in Maths, he is committed to all the competitive exams, including SSC (CGL, CPO, CHSL, MTS ), Police, Bank, CDS, and CSAT. He very well understands the importance of getting a government job, so keeping that in mind, he makes learning as easy, convenient and affordable as possible. The mission of the Maths bestselling author is to bridge the gap between the subject and people by unlocking and democratising access to extraordinary educators and the content they offer. With his deep understanding, expert-level knowledge and vast experience, he is providing quality education to hundreds of students through his YouTube channel ‘Gagan Pratap Maths’ or the app ‘Careerwill.’

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