Techurate launches Smart Branch

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: Techurate Systems Pvt Ltd, a Global Smart Banking technology company has launched its Smart Branch WORK in the Indian market. Smart Branch is a graphical, simple, and effective user interface for end-users that is integrated with the bank’s core and legacy systems. The routing and document storage for audit & compliance is managed by an integrated workflow and document management system and is integrated with other digital systems like chatbot, CRM, and card management systems. It automates all the middle and back-end processes   ranging from simple onboarding to E-KYC, Fund Transfers, Deposits & Withdrawals, Bill Payments, Settlements & Clearances, and Reconciliation

Commenting on the same Harshvardhan Pusala Founder & Managing Director, Techurate Systems Private Limited said “There is a compelling need felt by banks across all segments for onboarding customers faster, delivering services at the doorstep, automating processes to reduce/crash operating costs. Smart Branch presents an opportunity to such banks for using agents via a TAB and delivers all banking services otherwise accessed only at the branches. The new age of 100% virtual banking is upon us and across the globe including smaller towns and semi-urban cities in India seem well poised for experiencing digital banking in its full potential”.

The system allows banks to exploit a Hub and Spoke model of expansion where geographical areas are allocated to agents and are geo-tagged for demarcation. Each agent on the field is connected electronically to a specific physical branch to post transactions. The survival need for all banks is to ensure a healthy rate of customer acquisition and provide services to those areas where branches are not there.

Techurate has successfully implemented this solution for the Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco), in Zambia. It is licensed by the Bank of Zambia, the central bank and national banking regulator. Zanaco has more than 70 branches and 8000 express agents to serve its customers. Techurate’s Smart Branch has not only created a self-service interface for clients, but it has also replaced paper-based forms with digital ones and given bankers a single view of customer information. Because the smart branch automates the workflow by decreasing manual transactions, the manned tellers at the branch have been significantly reduced.

The paperless workflow Management Solution automates processes in the middle and back offices. Because access to the core system is restricted, banking transactions are more secure. The solution’s intuitive user interface allows bank employees to complete transactions right after implementation.

About Techurate

Techurate is a Global Smart Banking technology company with a fine blend of technology skills, strong domain knowledge, 500+ years of industry experience in IT. Techurate has worked in several highly under-banked nations and has successfully leveraged the power of Digital in bringing a vast audience into the organised banking fold. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company has served around 250+ Banks and Financial Institutions across 15+ geographies globally in a short span.

With its flagship products and services, the company has scripted several success stories in emerging markets like Zambia, Cameroon, Botswana, that they are looking to repeat in Latin America and India.

Techurate provides highly customised Digital Banking Technology Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions that systematically deliver greater agility, measurable business value and enhanced customer experience. For further information visit the website

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