Van Buketi the First Congolese Entrepreneur to Launch the Largest Leading Travel Platform for All Travellers: All Access Trip

We have read many success stories of entrepreneurs, about their startups turning into businesses that can stand alone in the market. Van Buketi is one such entrepreneur who has pushed his reputed budget-friendly travel agency to heights. We are talking about the Founder and CEO of Van Travel Business and All Access Trip.

Prospere Buketi is from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He basically goes by the name, Van Buketi. Buketi moved to the USA back in 2014 to chase the American dream of financial freedom. His inability to speak the English language pulled him from this dream as he was jobless. With patience and perseverance, he learnt English and landed in his first job as a cleaner in an aeroplane. His second job was of a forklift operator before getting a job as a picker at Walmart. One after the other he then was successfully posted as an HR clerk. He showed that nothing is impossible if we dream of it.

He got into a course to be a travel agent and then started his work of a travel agent. This new position made him venture into the travel industry. Gradually he started his own company but was obstructed by the pandemic in the mid run. As travelling stopped around the world, his business was at a risk but he did not give up.  Both, he and his uncle thought of merging travel services with related services such as website development, social media management and dispatch services.

At this context, he builds his company, Van Travel Business. It is located in the US and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are the leading global travel agency specializing in visa processing and travel itinerary. When the world stopped economically during the pandemic, they aimed in offering numerous services like web design and development and social media marketing alongwith travel and visa services. However post-pandemic, they are completely focused in ensuring a budget-friendly service to their clients. Instant booking of flight tickets, hotel reservation, rental car, visa orientation (for students, businesses, tourism, medical, work and immigration) are the main services provided by them. He has even has an Instagram page for his company, @van_travel_business. He founded the company basically to help his country people providing them the required jobs and earn income.

Emerging from the pandemic restrictions, Van Travel Business started to touch heights with its services. It also gave birth to its offspring, ‘All Access Trip’ which has set to fulfill the desires of all travellers with its promising facilities. Its main purpose is to provide the easy and cheapest way to travel around places. With the largest and best selection of hotels, rental cars and cruises, it can guarantee its rich services. Do check their website, to know more. It is the easiest booking platform where one can save money with the cheapest flights, instant and tax-free booking and pay as per your convenience using different payment methods. Book hotels, cars or flight just by entering the location and get instant confirmation.

Van Travel is a member of Virtuoso, an elite consortium of luxury travel agencies for a long time. They provide access to preferable deals which cannot be found at other travel agencies. Most importantly, if anything goes wrong with the trip, they are always there to deal with it responsibly. If you want to visit a place and have no information about it, just check their package tours. Starting from transport to providing accommodation and meals, a tour guide is always there to show you the tourist hotspots. They provide services considering the honest and sincere satisfaction of their people. Van Travel Business are Certified Sandals Specialist indicating that they have visited every resort before offering for booking.

Van Buketi is an entrepreneur who can be acclaimed as successfully accomplished in business. This success of Buketi came almost after a decade of hardships. Van states, “Our proud alliance with the most respected names for flights, vacations, hotels, cars, cruises, and excursions has enabled us to comb through every choice available and deliver an all-inclusive service to everyone who has reached out to us. That is why we are confident we offer hassle-free and economical travel destinations and flights that are unmatched in any platform, be it online or otherwise”.

The American dream is hard to believe for many but Van Buketi has crossed every barrier to achieve it and he is living his dreams. Risks hardships, failures all set to turn his dream into reality.

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