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With an innovative social mission in heart, JustAnilmission is helping rural Indians carve their footprints in the Global World

With an innovative social mission in heart, JustAnilmission is helping rural Indians carve their footprints in the Global World

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh [India] : A person goes through a lot of hardships in the journey of establishing a business in the market. Anil Kumar Pasinibilli has successfully overcome those struggles and has shined through as one of the best entrepreneurs. Being aware of the struggles faced in the entrepreneurial excursion, he tries to help people with their difficulties. 

He significantly shows people how they can achieve success in their business, outbidding the competitors effectively. With great dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, several businesses are supported by him and he helps them learn new business trends each day. Individuals are assisted in achieving their dreams in ways that are unique and entirely distinct. 

He believes in inducing a fun element in every business activity. He encourages people to talk about their business and to take it very lightly. As per him, this is the only way by which entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy each moment of the journey. He also inspires people to innovate new ideas in their business. He gives credit to his family behind his helping nature. He says that his family is responsible for making him like this, and he loves them to infinity.  

Just Anil Mission is his enterprise which is linked with several activities, programs, and initiatives with which he helps people and entrepreneurs in their journey. The organization focuses on entrepreneurship and education employment in India. He thinks for the betterment of his country and firmly believes Dr. Ambedkar’s words, who once said that we are all Indians above the barriers of caste, religion and creed.  

Just Anil has a very distinctive mission, and with great interest in his heart, he aims to make 1 million citizens from rural India,  Global citizens by 2030. If you think that the mission is impossible to achieve, JustAnil says that nothing is impossible, and he will surely make this happen. He has three extensively designed programs in JustAnilmission, which are smart chain farms(™), Gostani Eco Living(Gel)(™) and Make in India Eco System-Bharatpreneurs (™)

Anil Kumar himself is an introvert from a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam. He is a Creative Director and an Independent Journalist who has spent ten long years of his life teaching people with great dedication and spirit. He is involved in teaching people from the entertainment and media industry. In his teachings, he inspires people to leverage the skills they have already procured and encourages them to utilize communication power. It helps them carry out their roles efficiently, and they are also able to perform great in their respective fields.  

He has also introduced a few flagship programs such as Entrepreneurship by Design with a motive to assist coaches, authors, content creators, aspirant entrepreneurs etc. to thrive themselves and their business online. Another such program includes Innovation by Design to enable technologists, social thinkers, young scientists, and Entrepreneurs to achieve happiness and success. Through design, he helps men and women lead the right lifestyle and develop the correct mindset. He also inspires them to make enough money by assisting people in thriving in their business sales. 

He is found visiting several villages and other adventurous places, His interests raise human innovations and process futurist things.He believes in learning every day, exploring and spreading every day.  

His good deeds and unique mission are inspiring several people, which has been noted by Business Mint. Because of his successful entrepreneurship, he was nominated as one of the Best Emerging Social Entrepreneurs of the year 2020. Performing amazingly in his field and with a creative mission in his heart, he successfully bagged Best Emerging Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2020.  

The jury of the Business Mint collectively decided to present this award to him because of his noble work for the backward section of society.

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