What Features Make the Best Investment App for Managing Your Portfolio

What should you look for in an app that’s best suited for mutual fund investments? Let’s take a look.

Out of all the investment options that are available across the market, Mutual Funds top the list as they are one of the ideal methods to keep yourself financially stable for a long term. However, investing in any such markets require the right tools which helps you zero down the right amount that will yield the right returns. A Mutual Fund App is an ideal tool which can help you achieve this, as the amounts can be calculated rightly, with ease in a hassle-free manner. Let’s see which works best for you.

So, What Makes a Particular App Better than Others?

One of the most attractive features that an app must have is that it should be commission free where investors can invest in direct plans of mutual funds via the app. This is advantageous and saves your money that is deducted in the form of agents commissions, directly impacting your returns. Furthermore, owing to their zero commission feature, the money that generally goes towards agents’ commissions are added up to your final returns which total up to approximately 1 percent extra, which is quite a deal.

The ideal app should have top mutual funds in India under one roof, which you can choose according to your needs. Investors don’t need to create & use multiple accounts to access their investments. You can redeem your investments at the click of a button as everything is listed under one app.

The funds listed on the app for you have to be categorized which makes it easy for investors to choose the right ones, depending on their financial goals, risk appetite and period they want to stay invested. Also, they should feature a host of investment themes which will allow investors to buy their preferred combination instantly. Right from tax saving to long term or short term investments, you can find it all here, at one place.

The app should be a secured platform, which ensures your investments are safe from cyber frauds. Secondly, when you buy funds via the app the amount should be directly transferred from your bank to the mutual fund company without any third party involvement, and similarly when you withdraw, the amount is directly transferred to the linked bank account which makes the entire process of buying, selling and withdrawing the invested amount seamless.

So, if you are thinking of investing in mutual funds, you need to look no further as now you know which is the ideal one that can help fulfill your financial goals with much ease.

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