Siddharth Mahadevan and Om Bhalerao release the ‘Kar Fateh India’ anthem

Kho Jane Ke Dar Se Tu Kyun Hain La-Pata, Chun Le Ab Raah Tu, Hai Dhundhla Raasta…

Baroda, Gujarat [India]: As we navigate the second wave of the pandemic and hope to venture into the vibrancy of the new normal, a 17-year-old singer, Om Bhalerao, alongside renowned Indian film composer, Siddharth Mahadevan, has released a heartfelt anthem, ‘Kar Fateh India’ – an ode of hope, encouragement and silver linings.

Composed by Mir Desai, the anthem aims to uplift the people and steer the nation together towards a brighter future. After a long war against COVID-19, our nation seems finally ready to breathe easy again. This anthem pays a tribute to our struggles, victories, losses and collective fight.

It is a humble initiative to encourage and motivate the businesses in the country and to bring all people together from various industries to come forth so our economy starts thriving back again. A recurring phrase in the lyrics of the anthem – ‘Kar Fateh Tu’ – livens up the listener and conjures emotions of positivity and hopefulness. Other verses highlight the hardships and victories of our nation, instilling courage and zeal in listeners.

Supremely subtle in its execution, the melody of the anthem is a perfect amalgamation of classical and modern. It evokes the feeling of tranquillity and, simultaneously, allows the listener to introspect on its meaningful lyrics.

Debutant singer Om Bhalerao and veteran musician Siddharth Mahadevan are behind the anthem’s melodious vocals. With euphonious voices and soothing guitar riffs, the singers have shown people ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ through their heartfelt anthem.

Speaking on this offering, Om Bhalerao, said, “This anthem is a unique attempt to steer the nation together towards the post-pandemic world, smoothly and with utmost caution. Vaccination is extremely important if we want normalcy to be restored. Through this song, we seek to educate and inspire people to get vaccinated. We also want to help them cope with their troubles in these trying times. All of us have been through this together and it’s time we walk out of it together, whilst cheering one another along the way.”

Adding to this, singer Siddharth Mahadevan stated, “This anthem will instil the much-needed positivity in the people and allow them to believe in themselves once again. The touching lyrics and the soothing music will motivate them to banish gloom and embrace hopefulness. This song is extremely close to my heart and I am fervently hoping it touches every soul and inspires them to walk on with courage and help make our world COVID-free.”

The anthem represents an earnest contribution from these singers to encourage the entire nation and inspire people to get vaccinated since that is the only way to overcome this pandemic.

‘Kar Fateh India’ is streaming on YouTube:

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