SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) Leads the Way: Karnataka’s First National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence Unveiled

The National Information and Cybersecurity Council (NICC) is proud to announce the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence at the prestigious SJB Institute of Technology (Autonomous) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This marks a significant milestone in the field of cybersecurity education and research in India, with the centre at SJBIT being the first of its kind in the state of Karnataka.

NICC, a pioneering institution dedicated to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and practices, has chosen SJB Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, as the host for its National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence. This partnership brings together the expertise of NICC with the academic excellence and technological innovation of SJB Institute of Technology.

Key features of the National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence at SJBIT:

  1. Advanced Cybersecurity Training: The centre will offer state-of-the-art cybersecurity training programs for students, professionals, and organizations. These training programs will cover a wide range of topics, from ethical hacking and digital forensics to secure software development.
  2. Cutting-Edge Research: The centre will serve as a hub for cybersecurity research providing a platform for deep learning, fostering innovation and collaboration among students, faculty, and experts in the field. Research findings will contribute to strengthening national cybersecurity.
  3. Industry Partnerships: NICC, in collaboration with SJB Institute of Technology, will forge partnerships with leading cybersecurity companies and government agencies to facilitate internships, research projects, and job placement for students.
  4. Community Outreach: The centre will also conduct outreach programs to raise awareness about cybersecurity and promote safe online practices among citizens, making the digital landscape more secure for all.

The inauguration ceremony of the National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence is scheduled later month of this year, and it will feature distinguished guests from the cybersecurity industry, government officials, and academia.

Revered Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji, Managing Director, BGS & SJB Group of Institutions, Bengaluru, added, “We are honoured to host NICC’s National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence at our institution. This partnership will go a long way allowing students& other aspirants to access cutting-edge resources and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, enabling them to become leaders in this critical domain.”

Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth, Principal of SJB Institute of Technology said, “The establishment of this centre within our institution is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation, Research and addressing the evolving needs of our society. In a world where the digital landscape is rapidly reshaping every facet of our lives, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overemphasized. This partnership with NICC is a clear indication of our commitment and to resolve to prepare our students and our community to thrive in the digital age. The tailor-made programmes designed under this initiative are benefitting for not just the students of the institution but also students from other institutions in the city, other states and as well as aspirants including industry, Research, Corporates and Society at large.

Mr. P Arjun, Head – Research & Operations – NICC, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “NICC is committed to advancing cybersecurity capabilities in India. This partnership with SJBIT reflects our collective dedication to nurturing cybersecurity expertise and enhancing the nation’s cybersecurity posture.”

The National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence at SJB Institute of Technology represents a significant step towards a more secure digital future for Karnataka and India as a whole. With a focus on education, research, and collaboration, the centre is poised to play a pivotal role in combating cyber threats and bolstering the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities.

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