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The NeuroAid and Research Foundation supported by Apollo Hospitals is organising a Music therapy Event

New Delhi: The NeuroAid and Research Foundation supported by Apollo Hospitals is organizing a music therapy programme on 10th June 2023 in Kamani Auditorium from 2 pm onwards. The Neuroaid & Research Foundation (NRF) aims to serve patients in India affected by neurological disorders, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, by helping them commute to an appropriate NRF facility and avail of advanced treatment free of cost.

Many talented diplomats, ambassadors, and therapists skilled in their own fields who collectively contribute to the huge success of awareness programmes will enlighten the event with their presence and insights.

Rajhesh Vaidhya, who started as a six-year-old trying to serenade the strings of the Veena to becoming an exponent of this dynamic instrument; Malavika Rajhesh, the disciple of Rajhesh Vaidhya who went on to pursue singing as her passion, rising up to fame through the reality show Airtel Super Singer; We Are One, a charitable trust, founded in 2016 by Husnain, comprising of artists with distinct capabilities on wheelchairs, and performers with hearing and speech impairments, will grace the event with their presence and performances. 

Neuro-rehabilitation is long-term and needs patient and continuing therapy; while the privileged follow protocols, rope in-home therapy or commute to specialised therapy centres, it is underprivileged that remain unattended; often, they are also the only breadwinners of the family.

Dr N Subramanian explained, “Through this event, we hope to create an inclusive environment where people can learn, engage, and appreciate the unique abilities and perspectives of individuals with autism.” 

With this in mind, NRF proposes to hold its 3rd Awareness Program with the objective of increasing awareness and sending out the crucial message that no matter how tough the journey, with focus, determination and meaningful partnerships with philanthropists, one can indeed build an advanced, integrated and comprehensive centre that can cater to the indigent and needy.

Rajhesh Vaidhya quotes, “The reward centre of the brain, called the nucleus accumbens, can even produce strong physical signs of pleasure, such as goose bumps, when it hears powerful music. Music therapy can use these deep physical reactions the body has to music, to help people with mental health conditions”.

The event aims to increase public awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorder; foster a sense of inclusivity and support for individuals with autism and their families; showcase the therapeutic potential of music in the lives of individuals with autism; provide a platform for experts, caregivers, and individuals with autism to share their experiences and insights.

Apollo Hospitals, is a leading integrated healthcare services provider in Asia, having a strong presence throughout the healthcare ecosystem, encompassing hospitals, pharmacies, primary care and diagnostic clinics, and various retail health models. Apollo Hospitals are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

NRF provides an integrated Neuro-rehabilitation service comprising physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, developmental paediatric service, clinical psychological counselling, and special education for those with neurological deficits. In the last seven years, NRF has provided about 135,000 therapy sessions, of which over 26,000 have been for children with special needs.

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